I Am Addicted To Drama

I LOVE drama. And I’m addicted to the struggle.
My brain attaches to it like white on rice.
I got pregnant at 20. I was a freshman in college. Not married.
My baby’s daddy was toxic and our relationship was toxic and for whatever reason we thought getting married was the answer.
Our marriage was a struggle. Money was a struggle. Work was a struggle.
Paying bills was a STRUGGLE with a capital STRUGGLE.
We got divorced and BOOM.
I was a single mom barely making ends meet.
Foodstamps. Government assisted housing. Waiting tables.
Living under the poverty mark.
Making money has always been hard. But I always made sure I had some.
My bills were always paid and I always had money.... but LORDY did I have to work for it.
Late nights. Early mornings.
12 hours days on my feet at the restaurants. Just so I could barely make $21,000 a year.
This is wired in my brain.
And it shows up in my business.
My brain wants everything to be HARD. It wants everything to be a STRUGGLE.
That’s just what it knows.
So when I make lots of money and it feels easy, my brain loves to sabotage it and create drama in my business.
My lizard brain says - “Girl, making money is hard. This feels too easy. We are obviously doing it wrong. Here, let me create some mind-drama for ya.”
Then it goes to work making this hard and over complicating my business.
Good grief.
Does this resonate?
Yea.... I know it does.
Your brain is probably addicted to struggle. It's what it has always known.
It gravitates towards it. 
So when your business start to feel easy it resists it. It thinks something has gone wrong.
It hasn't. It's just not what you are used to.
I pull myself out of it by getting coached. I go to my own coach. I hit up my coaching colleagues.
I get my face coached off.
And I want to coach YOUR face off too.
Business does not have to be “hard”. Being an entrepreneur does not have to equal “drama”.
I show rebels how to build businesses that are fun, easy and DOPE.
If you’re looking for hard, you can find it.
But if you’re looking for fun and easy.... that train gets off HERE.
The doors to my 1:1 business coaching program are OPENNNNN. I got 5 spots left, Sister. Before I go on a waitlist.
We can get started ASAP.
This is a mid-4 figure investment, because this will be the catalyst that takes your business to the NEXT LEVEL.
xx, Whitney

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