Yes, I said gasoline.

We are going to set you... and your business on fire.

You have the spark, I have the gasoline... and I'm gonna hand the gasoline over to you.

That's what we do inside of my Inner Circle... we set things on fire and we blow things up.

In the best way.

When you've made some money and you're ready to scale, gasoline is how we do it.

What is this gasoline that I'm talking about?

It's YOU unlocking YOUR voice.

It's speaking up about what's on your mind.

It's getting past the Church Karen's and speaking to YOUR tribe.

It's showing up as your full flavored self.

God gave you a voice, a message and a purpose.... and for too long you've let other people's opinions squash it out of you.

But me, and your sisters in the Inner Circle, are here to point you back North.

It's not that you're "lost".... you just 
haven't fully allowed yourself to show up in your industry who God has called you to be.

And that is what is keeping you from scaling.

It's getting rid of all the strategy that isn't working... and focusing on the tasks that actually move the needle in your business.

How do we find that strategy that works for you?

We connect YOU, the real you, the TURNT-UP you... to your business and your tribe.

You can follow the right strategies and launch your business.

But when you want to scale that business to $50k, $100k and beyond... you gotta LIGHT IT UP.

Beige, vanilla messaging doesn't scale a business.

And as long as you're watering yourself down, you're gonna keep being beige and vanilla.

My Inner Circle will push your limits. It will stretch you. It will force you to LEVEL-UP....

And it will also create a safe space for you to really tap into who you are and what sets you apart in the online space.

And all of this.... is the gasoline. We unlock who you are and what you have to say... and then we TURN UP THE HEAT.

Because this is where the clients and customers come from.

And this is how we build a business that actually sets our soul on fire.


I Want In, Whit! (Apply Here)

Who is Whitney?

I'm Whitney.
And I quadrupled my income and left my "real job"... in the middle of a pandemic...

I also went from 1-2 private clients to 11 in less than 3 months. Even after I more than doubled my rates. And I was able to reach my first 5-figure months....

.... when I stopped watering myself down and started showing up as my full-flavored self with something to say.

I went from struggling to make $1,000 a month for 2 years.... to hitting $17,000 months.

I also learned a lot of lessons in the school of hard knocks. Lessons that I want to teach you... so you can 10x your impact and your income much quicker than I did.

Together - you, me and your sisters in the Six Figure Inner Circle... are going to up-level your already successful business to the next level.

By unlocking your own flavor of gasoline and dousing your business with it.

God gave me a rebel heart... He designed me to be a pusher of the status quo.

For my own business.... and for yours.

Ready to stop being the best kept secret in your industry? WE GOT YOU GIRL. 

You are dope... and the world needs to know it. When you tap into your dopeness... the clients and customers will stick to you like magnets.

I'm Ready, Whit! (Apply Here)

How We Do It
In The Six-Figure Inner Circle


  • Weekly Inner Circle Coaching & Connect Calls -
    Every week we will connect on Zoom for coaching and connection. 
    (Thursdays from 12-1:30pm CST)

  • Monthly Group Strategy Zoom with Alexandra Hogg -
    Once a month THE Alexandra Hogg will come in to teach you specific strategies for your business. She is a WIZARD at what she does and she loves Jesus... so #WINNING.

  • A Bonus 1-1 Session for Magnetic Messaging
    When you enter the mastermind, you get a bonus, 1-1 PRIVATE session with a coach to help you take your messaging from beige and vanilla to MAGNETIC AND SPICY.

  • Holy Spirit-Led Mentorship -
    Your leader, Whitney, is here to do just that - LEAD. We are designed for community and none of us should be doing this bizness thing by ourselves. You have access to Whitney's huge heart, brilliant mind, past experiences, lessons learned, fiery passion and grit....  and she is on a mission to bring Jesus to the marketplace.... and wants you to be equipped to do the same!

  • 24/7 Private Community & Intimate Support -
    All the sisters in the Inner Circle will have access to a private FB community where you can post, engage, interact, talk to each other, get feedback and up-level yourself and each other. And only Inner Circle members will have access to the FB group.

  • Monthly Trainings & Guest Experts -
    Each month you will get a bonus training from either Whitney herself or a guest expert (Whitney is CONNECTED ya'll). She knows some super dope industry peeps.

  • Mini Sister Circles -
    Each sister in the circle will be assigned to a mini sister circle. These will be your accountability sisters. You get to choose how you communicate, whether you start a group chat on your phones, a Voxer chat or maybe you decide to meet up once a month on Zoom to catch up and support each other. YOU all get to decide what your mini sister circle looks like.

  • 18-Month Plan Training & Call Replays
    As soon as you join, you get access to my 18-Month Plan Training... where you will map out your next 18 months for your business. You also get your own login for the member portal where you can access replays from past weekly calls before you joined.

  • Free Membership to Whitney's Business Academy
    As soon as you join, you also get access to my Business Academy. Tuition is $997 but you get it for FREE. There are 30+ video trainings that you get access to and a dozen worksheets and journal prompts.

  • In Person Retreats -
    Twice a year we will have a mini-retreat to bring everything we have done and learned together full circle. These 2-3 days together will be in an inspired location and will be luxurious, relaxing, inspiring and of course, will include coaching and value-packed teachings in person with your fellow inner circle sisters.

    This retreat will not be open to the public, it will only be for current Inner Circle Members.  
    *If COVID does not permit, this event will be virtual.

    (*This retreat will be an additional admin fee and is not included in the cost of the Inner Circle Membership. It is NOT mandatory to attend.)

The Investment:

$3600 Paid In Full or 6 Monthly Payments of $650

Oh I Am So In, Whit! (Apply Here)

This is for you IF....

  • You're ready to up-level your life AND your business. No more playing small, watering yourself down or people-pleasing.

  • You are crystal clear on what your business is and who you serve. You aren't waffling on "if" you should start a business or what that business should be.

  • You have ALREADY made money in your business and are ready for the next level. And you're willing to show up for yourself and do the work to get there.

  • You have a relationship with Jesus.... or if you don't.... you gotta be okay with people talking about and loving on Jesus, cause there is gonna be a whole lotta that going on up in here.

  • You've been longing for a sisterhood of women to do life and business with. You're tired of doing this alone and wan to be surrounded by some of the brightest, dopest, most brilliant and creative women in their industry and you can't wait to learn FROM them... and pour INTO them.

  • You crave accountability.... but don't need someone to hold your hand. This Inner Circle is meant for the woman who is a go-getter by nature and doesn't need to be hand-held in every step she makes in her business. She wants the support and accountability but does not NEED IT to take action in her business.

  • You are good with getting tough coaching done in love. Whitney loves but she loves hard. When she sees greatness in someone, she calls them up higher, to the woman God created them to be. And is ready to call out all the obstacles and lies preventing you from taking your life and business HIGHER.

  • You want to continue to evolve into the business-boss and leader that God is calling you to be... and you want the support, accountability, love and Holy Spirit-Led community and coaching that will take you there.

  • You've burned all the ships. You are all in on your business. It's no longer a hobby or a pipe-dream. YOU ARE IN IT TO WIN IT. You refuse to go back to life as normal. Giving up is not even on the table.

  • YOU ARE WILLING TO LET GO OF THE BS MINDSETS THAT ARE KEEPING YOU STUCK..... I think this one explained itself. Your sisters and Whitney will be there to support you and encourage you as we hold you to the woman God has called you to be.... we need you to be willing to receive feedback and coaching and be willing to work on letting go of lies and bs that are keeping you stuck in your life and business.
Gimme Some Gasoline, Whit! (Apply)

Still reading? Let's talk....

You've scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page. You're looking for a sign.

This is it....

There are billions of people in the world.... and YOU are the one reading this page. YOU are here.

You're looking for your next step.... well sister, this is it.

When you're willing to go all in on YOU.... that creates the perfect ecosystem for Whitney and the other sisters in the Inner Circle to have your back.

It just takes YOU making all bets on YOU. Throw all your chips on the table.... we got you.

This is your invitation to take back EVERYTHING the enemy tried to steal from you. He has to pay it all back ten fold.

This is your invitation. And your time is now.

I want you to really think about.... how would it change your life if you could build the business, build the life, make the impact and make the bucks you desire?

It all starts right here.... with this one "yes"....

I'm In, Whit! (Apply Here)