Who Is Whitney?

I kind of grew up all over the place.

I was a Navy Brat for the first 9-10 years of my life. After that, we ended up in Indiana, about the time I was going into 7th grade.


Nothing like having to learn to adjust and fit in as your body is changing and your teenage angst is at an all-time high.

I spent most of middle school and high school struggling to fit in and be accepted. I really had no self-worth, no identity and no confidence in my gifts and talents.

This carried over into my adult life. I was married and had my first child by the time I was 21. I was young. I was struggling to build clientele as a young, new hairstylist. After three years, my husband and I divorced. My parents were Iiving out of the country at the time, so I had to learn very QUICKLY how to take care of myself and my daughter.


I decided to go back to college in my mid-20's and received a degree in Business Administration. I was married again for a second time to a man in the Army. I moved my life to Tennessee to be with my husband, because that's where he was stationed. That marriage was short lived, as I found out very early on that my new husband had a hard time being faithful to our marriage. So I divorced him and moved back in with my parents, who were living back in Indiana. 

It was at this point where I found myself at my "bottom". I had a college degree, I was a licensed Cosmetologist, I had a daughter, I was nearing my 30's....BUT I had almost no money in the bank and I had no real plans for the future. Oh, and I was living with my parents. Awesome.

So I asked God, what am I doing? What do you want me to be doing? Because following my own path and my own rules wasn't working. I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained. I still had no self-worth and no game plan for my life. Long story short; I spent the next two years nurturing my relationship with God. I did an intense amount of soul searching and self-discovery. I needed to do the inner work so I could break my bad habits and overcome the hang-ups that were causing me to make bad choices, also preventing me from having healthy relationships. These habits and hang-ups were also holding me back from being successful and living an authentic and abundant life. 

I eventually hired my life coach and she was completely been a game-changer!! She walked me through starting my first book, hosting my first women's conference and has taught me how to transform my mindset so I can propel myself and my career forward. This work within myself fueled a fire in me to engage others to help them through their own journey of self-discovery. In 2018 I received my Life Coaching Certification from the Breakthrough Coaching & Leadership Academy.

Two years ago I met the man of my dreams. And because I took the time to do the hard, inner work on myself - we have a healthy and thriving relationship! I had to make a commitment to myself to show up every day and dig deep, even when it was uncomfortable. Instead of trying to control everyone around me, I learned that the only person I can control is MYSELF.

So I began to work on becoming the best version of myself. I kicked fear, self-doubt and negative self-talk to the curb. My life wasn't perfect, but I realized I was a fighter and a survivor. I had overcome bullying in my childhood, toxic and abusive relationships in my twenties, two divorces that were a result of abuse and infidelity, fear and anxiety........and I finally began to breathe fresh air again! It was as if I had finally gotten my head above the waves and could see my way to shore.

I now have healthy relationships with friends and family, a thriving marriage to an amazing man, an up and coming business that makes me burn with passion...and I'm closer to God than I have ever been in my 34 years of life.


My desire is for you to live the full and abundant life Jesus has promised you. I desire for you to have a successful and thriving personal and professional life. I also have a passion for helping small business, ministries and churches equip and train their leaders to live their fullest potential as a leader and to engage their teams to produce a thriving organization.


Personally and Professionally.

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© 2020 by Whitney Barbary.