The Business Blueprint Intensive


The Life & Business Group Coaching Intensive for the unicorns who want to create glitter and magic and release it into the world...

... and get paid for it.

This is the road to your purpose-driven paycheck...


Hey, Sis....I want to have a quick little chat before we move on.

Starting a business can be so fun and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

And its really easy to get caught up in all the noise out there.

Head to any social media platform and people will be screaming things at you like "I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE IN 30 DAYS" or "COME WORK WITH ME AND HAVE YOUR FIRST $10,000 MONTH."

Then there is the other group of business owners who talk about their 6-figure a year business and how they have $100,000 product launches.

And it's all very possible. With the right foundations.

It is very easy to get lost in this sea of million dollar promises, sky-high dreams and laptop lifestyles.

And to start to feel like you could never get there.

Heck, you would love to just make your first few dollars in your new business.

Or maybe you've been at this thing awhile and some months you do..."okay"...and then some months.... nothing.

And all of the "overnight success stories" of others can make you feel like you're so far behind.

And when you start to see how "behind" you are, you start to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

So you try to force it. You have an "awakening".

So... you sign up for the webinar. You purchase the course. You spend weeks making a really pretty website and you even order some gorgeous business cards.

You come up with a super clever name for your business that you are just sure will attract your dream clients and customers. 

You even invest in some Facebook ads and spend a whole day googling blog articles on how to make "LinkedIn" profitable for you.

And, you posted on your Facebook and Instagram EVERY SINGLE DAY for a week.....and....*crickets*.

So you check your email - nothing.

So you check your DM's - nothing.

So you check your PayPal - nothing.

What. In. The. Heck? Where are the customers? The clients? The sales?

You're doing all of the things. All of the time.

So there must be something you missed.

Oh, you know what it is! You need to create a course! *Duh*

So you do that. You spend countless hours researching, planning, creating content, recording videos, upload them to the perfect platform....

.... and still, no clients.

Girlfriend, listen....all those things are great, in the right order.

And you are right about one thing, there is something you missed....

... and its BELIEF.

It's hard to sell your products and services and get people to believe they should pay you for them, when you aren't 100% sure in your own belief in your products, your services and YOURSELF.

You have a purpose. You have passions. You have gifts.

And all of these things will make way for you. You can create paychecks that are purpose and passion driven.

But we need to unlock those things first. Then we need to develop such a strong belief in you AND what you have to offer.... that you'll truly believe people are crazy if they don't want them.

That's just a foundational truth.

What if you could start bringing in CONSISTENT money into your business without all the overwhelm, without all the hustle.... and without having to have the websites, fancy facebook ads or buying Instagram followers.

Well, my friend, YOU CAN.

Before you can jump into $100k a year and $5,000 months in your biz, we have to put some foundational concepts in place.

You can take all the actions in the world, but until you get your headspace and your heart right...all the actions in the world won't make a difference in your life or your business.

You have a magical unicorn inside of you, we just need to unlock her.

You have greatness inside of you. You have a purpose.

The world needs more of your gifts, that's why God gave them to you.

Showing you how to unlock that, well, that's my jam!

You do not have to white-knuckle your business. "Hope" is not a sustainable business model, my friend.

We can unleash that unicorn inside of you. The one that goes after her dreams and goes way beyond the clouds.

Whether you want to take your business to the next level, or you just want to make those first few expertise in mindset and business is exactly what you need to build a solid foundation.



Unicorn Melissa

Fear Fighter Coach & Public Servant


"In my time working with Whitney, I started learning how to get over the fear of self. I was able to start letting go of what others think and say about ME. And I started setting boundaries with family, friends and even myself. Gave myself permission to say NO and learned to let go to LIVE. I have started to create a plan to move forward with my new business."

Because of our work together, Melissa also will be launching her business as a Fear Fighting Coach in Fall of 2020.

In The Business Blueprint Intensive we hit on 8 Key Areas to create a purpose-driven business and a matching paycheck.

  1. Unlock Your Inner Unicorn  (your purpose and your passions)
  2. Belief in You  (so you can approach your business with confidence)
  3. Belief in Your Products & Services  (this way you can sell and feel GOOD about selling)
  4. The Super Power of Self Integrity  (learning to honor God, ourselves and our dreams)
  5. Dream Business Scheduling & Priorities  (creating priorities and a schedule that reflects our dream business & life)
  6. Clarity on Your Who, The How & Your Heart  (getting crystal clear on who you help, how you help them and your heart behind your business)
  7. Courageous & Creative Copy  (showing up fearlessly and authentically in our copy and interactions with others)
  8. From Hobbyist to CEO  (learning to stop treating our biz like an expensive hobby and showing up like the CEO that we are)



Unicorn Laura

Hairstylist & Salon Owner

"Coaching with Whitney has helped me show up for myself with CONFIDENCE. This has impacted all areas of my life and has changed my business dramatically. When I started showing up behind the chair (as a stylist) and in my marketing from a place of self-integrity, I started attracting clients who valued my services and were happy to pay premium prices. On top of that, I felt free to truly SERVE them because I no longer felt undervalued."

The Official Deets:


+ We get started on October 5th and end on December 7th (10 full weeks)

+ There is one 60 minute session every Monday evening (time TBA).

+ First 30 minutes will be teaching (by me) & second 30 minutes I open the floor for coaching (by me).

+ Every 4 sessions we will have a 60 minute group coaching ONLY session (no lessons, just all the coaching).

+ You will have access to the Business Blueprint Facebook Community for extra coaching and support from me in between sessions (plus you can engage with each other in the community)

+ A work book to get you started with journal prompts for cosistent and transformational mindset deep dives and breakthroughs.



Dazzle Unicorn


3-Month Easy Pay

  • Access To Business Blueprint Intensive weekly lessons
  • Access to Business Blueprint Intensive weekly group coaching 
  • Access to private community where replays and extra coaching will be housed

Platinum Unicorn

$697 One-Time

One Time Pay + 1:1 Coaching

  • Access to Business Blueprint Intensive weekly lessons
  • Access to Business Blueprint Intensive weekly group coaching
  • Access to private community where replays and extra coaching will be housed
  • PLUS - SAVE $53

Unicorn Marissa

Registered Nurse


"I worked with Whitney for a little over a year and I can honestly say I’m not sure where I would be without her. When we first met I was merely surviving my days until I could crash at night. I had a new baby as well as two other children and my husband and I felt like I had to make it from morning to night just to make sure they were ok. I truly felt stuck!

Funny enough, Whitney held an Unstuck Course and I signed up and that’s where I began to really learn how to take my thoughts captive through biblical principles and correcting my thoughts... and changing the way I show up in the world. I am grateful that I have come as far as I have.

Changing my view on fear and people pleasing and now working on identity being placed in the right place & how to respond to the world in the face of adversity.

Whitney makes me dig deep and pushes me to find answers and ask the hard questions... and to feel and process the hard emotions. In some of our sessions we walked through allowing me to actually feel pain, fear, sadness and then how to take my thoughts captive and now allow disappointment to control my energy and my life."




But before we get to the bonus... ONE LAST THING that I really think you should know...

This is the only time I will be teaching this Intensive live and with the group coaching at the end of every session.

I will be recording each session as I teach it, and once the Intensive is over, I will be uploading the videos and offering them as a "Do It Yourself" course with video modules of the sessions.

So, when I say this is a one-time chance to get this Intensive LIVE with LIVE weekly group coaching, I really do mean that.

And now for the BONUS.....when you enroll in The Business Blueprint Intensive, you will also get the do-it-yourself course for FREE when I release it.

Yup.... I will email it to you and you will have access to the course. For no extra charge.

The videos will be yours to keep and access whenever you need a refresher and want to give you business a money-generating boost.



Let's just acknowledge the few elephants in this room.

I'm gonna bet my entire next months salary that your brain is feeding you one of these 3 b.s. lies right now.

  1. You don't have the money for this right now (or you do have the money but you can't invest it right now).
  2. You really are too busy and don't have time for this right now, you need to wait until... (fill in the blank).
  3. Sounds really good.... but what if this doesn't work for you?

Alright, sis, so here's the deal. Investments only work when YOU DO.

You will miss 100% of the shots the you never take.

The days of sitting on the sidelines are over. There is money on the table... either you can grab it or someone else in your field will.

That's just facts.

But.... I want it to be you.

I know, I know.... it's not all about the money for you. And that's all great.

But are you running a non-for-profit? Or a business?

Because if you're running a business and you want to support yourself or your family.... you're gonna need to make a little money.

And you're going to have to be okay with not only asking people to pay you... but understanding why its better for THEM if they do.

God is okay with you having money, He just doesn't want your money to have you. (And we are going to have an entire session on money mindset breakthroughs in The Business Blueprint Intensive).

I remember when I hired my first coach. She was $250 a month and she might as well have said she was $2,500 a month.

That felt like so much money at the time.

But I felt that pull in my heart. I knew it was time. She had walked a path I had never walked before.

Could I do it on my own? Yes.

Did I want to? NO.

Why? When I could work with a coach and get to where I was going in half the time, and without all the stress, pressure and overwhelm..?

I got a part time job to pay for her.

So when your brain says, "I don't have the money for that" or "I shouldn't spend my money on that right now."......


Why shouldn't you?

If you believe that lie.... then you're playing the short game right now. You need to be playing the long game, my friend.

What you do in your biz right now will reap a harvest 1 month, 3 months and 6 months from now.

So if you wait another 3-6 months to invest in your business, you'll have to wait another 3-6 months AFTER THAT to get the "big" return on your investment.

Will you get instant results as soon you invest? Yes.

But you will also continue to reap what you have sown for months and even a year from now.

Over the last 3 years since investing in my first coach.... I have started MY Life & Business Coaching business, left my full time job... and I currently pay $1500-$2000 a month between my coaches and programs I take to grow as a person and in my business.

And ALL OF IT is paid for by my thriving business.

And I am not a special snowflake with the special "success gene."

Girlfriend.... not too many years ago I was a single mom on food stamps and living in government-assisted housing.

After I got married a couple of years ago I got a "real" job working in an office making $1200 for the ENTIRE MONTH (it was about $300/week).

Now here I am..... in September 2020, where I will clear around $4500 for the month.

In September 2019, I made $375 in my coaching business.


I knew I was capable of making SO MUCH MORE. So I started investing more aggressively in life coaching and business coaching for myself.

And in 2020 I have been reaping what I sowed in 2019, the investments I made months (even a year ago) and the work I have been putting in consistently.

So...tell me again why you shouldn't invest in yourself NOW?

And when your brain says "We don't have the money"... .okay, fine.... well then how will you GET the money?

God has declared you more than victorious. Stop looking at what you don't have and start looking at what you DO HAVE, Sis.

Don't have the money? Thats cool. Get creative. Start showing up as the woman who CREATES the money to invest in what she wants.

Do you wanna know how to stop letting money control you?


Stop letting money make the decisions for you. 

Right now you have the thought "If I invest this money, then I lose it."

NO GIRL! When you invest this money, you switch on your unicorn brain and you learn to make your money back AND THEN SOME.

And then some more. And some more. And some more!

Your success will be unlocked when you DECIDE TO HAVE YOUR OWN BACK AND YOU BURN THE SHIPS.

No turning back. Let's do this. I got you, boo.

I'm gonna show up for you 100%.... you just gotta show up for you now.

As for your brain telling you that you don't have time....

... yes you do.

You just don't believe you will get the results you're looking for, so your brain says, "That will be a waste of your time."

Listen.... did you hear me when I said I used to be on food stamps? For YEARS. The government paid a big portion of my rent. Some months Uncle Sam even paid my electric bills on months when it was too much for me and I had to apply for assistance.

I was waiting tables and just trying to get by with my kiddo.

I drove 15 year old cars that I paid $500 for. That barely got me where I was going.

Some Christmases I went to Salvation Army and signed up for their Christmas gifts for kids programs just to get my kid some Christmas gifts.

So....if I can go from foodstamps to $4,000+ months coaching women on their lives and businesses and fulfilling my purpose....THEN YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL TOO!

As long as you're telling yourself you can't do this, you can't and you won't.

As soon as you say, "This might actually be possible for me, too" and you start SHOWING THE HECK UP FOR YOURSELF.... it WILL be possible for you.

All the places you're not believing in yourself.... it's okay. You don't have to be in full belief to get started. Just start taking action and eventually the brain will follow.

I've been coaching women on their lives and business for almost 3 years now.

My clients have.....

  • Went from slaving away in a corporate job to starting their own biz.
  • Gotten their first customers and clients.
  • Made their first dollars.
  • Went from charging pennies for their services to charging premium rates and valuing what they offer.
  • Went from $500/month to $1,125/mo in a 30 day period.
  • Went from no consults for 6 straight weeks to 3 consults in 1 week.
  • Went from charging $1200 for coaching packages to $3000 for coaching packages (and their clients gladly paying it).
  • Went from feeling pressured and overwhelmed in their direct sales business to making hundreds of dollars a month with grace and ease.
  • Went from not being able to set boundaries with clients for fear of losing them to stepping into their future selves and setting boundaries that made her work more enjoyable for herself and her client.
  • Went from working 45 hours a week to 28-30 hours a week and STILL tripling her income (working way less).
  • Went from feeling unworthy and incapable to waking up every day KNOWING that the only thing that determines their worth is that God created them.
  • Went from being completely stuck and gaining no traction to recognizing and breaking through the barriers that were keeping them from success.
  • Went from watering themselves down to showing up as their FULL FLAVORED SELVES in their lives and businesses.
  • Went from feeling invisible to attracting their tribe.

And I want all of these same things for you.

When you start believing that YOU ARE CAPABLE and you start HAVING YOUR OWN BACK....your life and business will TAKE OFF and become unrecognizable.


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Dazzle Unicorn


3-Month Easy Pay

  • Access To Business Blueprint Intensive weekly lessons
  • Access to Business Blueprint Intensive weekly group coaching 
  • Access to private community where replays and extra coaching will be housed

Platinum Unicorn

$697 One-Time

One Time Pay + 1:1 Coaching

  • Access to Business Blueprint Intensive weekly lessons
  • Access to Business Blueprint Intensive weekly group coaching
  • Access to private community where replays and extra coaching will be housed
  • PLUS - SAVE $53