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Whitney Barbary

Life Coach & Business Strategist

I show lady entrepreneurs how to play full out in their life and business by connecting their purpose, their passion and profits.

I am Whitney.

I am a...

Child of God, Wife, Mother, Worship Leader, Speaker, Author, Life Coach & Biz Strategist.

I spend my days showing lady entrepreneurs how to play every area of their life FULL OUT.

I am no stranger to living half a life. I am no stranger to watering myself down. I have felt the pain of betraying who I was to make other people more comfortable with me.

But. Not. Any. Longer.

I know what its like to feel like you're "too much" for people. When you feel unaccepted, you will show up as the lite-version of yourself. You will hide who you really are in hopes that being someone else will make things easier for you and these around you. But that really feels like no way to live.

You KNOW you were created for more.

God has pre-destined you with a calling and a purpose. Your business is part of that purpose.

I work with my clients to connect purpose, passion and profit by showing them the 8 pillars of an authentic & profitable business.

  1. Unlock Your Authentic Self
  2. Belief in You
  3. Belief in Your Products & Services
  4. Super Power of Self Integrity
  5. Dream Business Scheduling & Priorities
  6. Clarity on Your Who, The How & Your Heart
  7. Courageous & Creative Copy
  8. From Hobbyist to CEO
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Business Blueprint: A God Girl's Guide to An Authentic Business
- Written by Whitney Barbary

This eBook is one of Whitney Barbary's most popular publications available 
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  • How Belief in Yourself & Your Offer is The Cornerstone of A Profitable Business 
  • The #1 Tool For Showing Up Like A CEO And Not A Woman With A Hobby
  • How Marketing Courageously Will Bring Clients & Customers Knocking Down Your Door
  • The Blueprint For An Authentic Business That Reflects You

What People Are Saying:

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"In my time working with Whitney, I started learning how to get over the fear of self. I was able to start letting go of what others think and say about ME. And I started setting boundaries with family, friends and even myself. Gave myself permission to say NO and earned to let go to LIVE. I have started to create a plan to move forward with my new business."


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"Coaching with Whitney has helped me show up for myself with CONFIDENCE. This has impacted all areas of my life and has changed my business dramatically. When I started showing up behind the chair and in my marketing from a place of self-integrity, I started attracting clients who valued my services and were happy to pay premium prices. On top of that, I felt free to truly SERVE them because I no longer felt undervalued."

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"Whitney brings so much energy to the coaching space. In our first session, she revealed something to me that I truly feel came from God. After that session, I was able to zero in on exactly what I wanted to say on my website, which was a great feeling. If you want to get unstuck, talk to Whitney."

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