I coach the rebels.

The square pegs in a round hole.

The women entrepreneurs who wanna color outside the lines....

.... and still make bank.

And without sacrificing their faith or themselves.

I'm currently on a waitlist (as of May 2021)

Want to reserve one of the spots becoming available in June/July?

Apply below for my 3-6 month private coaching.

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Want to Work With Whitney


 There are three ways for us to work together to light your business on fire.

  • Grace & Gasoline Business Academy. This is for the woman who is either just launching her business, or has already launched her business and hasn't quite found her footing or made any money. We walk you through the business foundations and mindsets you need to get those first clients and customers. Get the full details and enroll by clicking here.
  • My Inner Circle Mastermind. This high-level mastermind is for the woman who has a solid offer, a clear idea of her niche and business model... and has made money already in her business. This is for the woman looking to scale to consistent $5k+ months. Get the full details by clicking here.
  • Private 1-1 Coaching. I keep no more than 2 private clients at a time and I am very selective about who I work with. I have one spot becoming available in July 2021. You and I will work together exclusively 1-1 and you will have private access to me in between sessions. I only offer these spots to women that I know I would LOVE working with and I feel are ready to put in the serious work to get serious result in her biz. You can find the application to apply for my spot opening up in July below.

 After you submit your application for private coaching, I will reach out to schedule a 30-minute conversation with me to make sure this is a good fit and that we are both a "hell yes" on working together.

So..... you ready?

Application for Private Coaching
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Got Over The Fear & Learned to LIVE

"In my time working with Whitney, I started learning how to get over the fear of self. I was able to start letting go of what others think and say about ME. And I started setting boundaries with family, friends and even myself. Gave myself permission to say NO and learned to let go to LIVE. I have started to create a plan to move forward with my new business."

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Created Clients That Pay Premium Services

"Coaching with Whitney has helped me show up for myself with CONFIDENCE. This has impacted all areas of my life and has changed my business dramatically. When I started showing up behind the chair and in my marketing from a place of self-integrity, I started attracting clients who valued my services and were happy to pay premium prices. On top of that, I felt free to truly SERVE them because I no longer felt undervalued."