I coach the rebels.

The square pegs in a round hole.

The Jesus-loving rebels who want to color outside the lines....

.... and still create a life and business that sets their world on fire.

Without sacrificing their faith or themselves in the process.

I show you how to own your voice and step into your fullest potential.


Want to Work With Me?


 Enrollment is open for my signature program -

Courageous HeartPreneur.

It's the mindset, marketing and sales coaching you need to become a client magnet and start creating clients and cash on repeat.
Send an email to [email protected] and use the subject line: Courageous, and myself or my team will reach out to you with more deets on the program and how to get enrolled.


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Got Over The Fear & Learned to LIVE

"In my time working with Whitney, I started learning how to get over the fear of self. I was able to start letting go of what others think and say about ME. And I started setting boundaries with family, friends and even myself. Gave myself permission to say NO and learned to let go to LIVE. I have started to create a plan to move forward with my new business."

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Created Clients That Pay Premium Services

"Coaching with Whitney has helped me show up for myself with CONFIDENCE. This has impacted all areas of my life and has changed my business dramatically. When I started showing up behind the chair and in my marketing from a place of self-integrity, I started attracting clients who valued my services and were happy to pay premium prices. On top of that, I felt free to truly SERVE them because I no longer felt undervalued."