Ouch, I needed to hear that.

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

"Just be yourself."

I say this a lot. I preach this A LOT.

My husband said this to me tonight.

"Just be yourself, babe."

I literally felt my body cringe.

I mean I FELT IT. Physically.

Woah.... what was that about?

It felt a little like resistance coupled with some panic.

Be myself????

Supposed to be liberating, right?

Wrong.... not when your entire life you've been getting signals from everyone that "yourself" is wrong.

Every time I show up as "myself".... I get a message back that it's wrong.

That I'm too much. Too vocal. Too loud. Too opinionated. Too confrontational.

I get told that I don't fit in. That I don't get to sit at the table. That I'm not included.

I get told that my opinions are wrong. That I should work on my delivery. I should probably say less. Maybe I should sit down....

I've heard it all.

And it ALL feels bad. The rejection is painful. It hurts my heart. It causes me to close myself off.

I avoid people. I avoid friends. The Enneagram 8 in me won't admit that I'm hurt... so it usually comes out as anger.

I got coached by my own coach A LOT this past Friday, and what came up for me was - I've spent 35 years trying to water myself down and fit into other people's circles.

Because I was always told that their circles were there "right" circles to be in.

But a few days ago I had this breakthrough while I was getting coached.... I don't want to have to "fit" into their circles.

I want to create my own circle, full of people who are just here for me. The me that I am when I feel my safest.

I just want to feel safe.... which is what all of us want, right?

To be loved, accepted, approved of?

To feel safe enough to let our guard down?

So...why am I telling you all this?

Because, all of my clients will tell you that I am not a "strategy" coach.

Can I give them strategy? Yup. But a lot of our work together is creating the space for them to feel safe... so they can really unlock who they are.

And when they can unlock who they are at their core, they create their OWN strategy. Their OWN magic.

The strategy is already inside of you.

But its being drowned out by all the ways you're trying to change yourself to fit into circles that you aren't supposed to be in or that you've outgrown.

The business of your dreams is found inside of the woman God designed in you.

SHE knows exactly what her business needs and when it needs it.

I want to help pull that out of out of you.

I preach to the masses about being your authentic self, unapologetically.

But twice in the last month I have had coaches point out to me that I wasn't fully living my own mantra. There are still places I was closing myself off, so that I could be accepted.

I just want to fit in. I want to be approved of.

And it was causing my tribe to be unsure if I am their cup of tea or not.

Because they weren't really sure of who I am.

And THAT feels bad.

Closing myself off to the women God has called me to serve just to make other people more comfortable with me.... that feels worse than their rejection.

And I can promise you that when YOU embrace the woman you are, and believe and know that she is enough..... you will attract your own tribe.

And you business will take off.

Around the beginning of August 2020, I stepped more into my full-flavored self.

I started showing up more as myself. I really started owning who I am.

And the results were amazing.

I signed around 7-8 clients in a matter of weeks.

In September I banked $8,000 in my business.

Then in the first week of October I made $5,000.

Those were new records for me!!

On Friday, my own coach showed me what would be possible for my business and my life if I REALLY owned my 100% self and I stopped being ashamed of her.

The sky isn't even the limit, the sky is just the beginning, %FIRSTNAME%.

You can go anywhere your soul desires.

I want to show you where you're getting yourself stuck in your biz. I can promise you that its not what you think it is.

My super power is showing online business owners all the places they are getting stuck in their biz and don't even know it.

When you've tried ALL the strategy, when you've attended ALL the webinars, when you're participated in ALL the courses and read all the books... and you still can't get the traction you want....

.... I can help you figure out why.

And it will probably have something to do with all the places you're watering yourself down, people pleasing, trying to fit into the wrong circles and not owning who YOU are.

I'm teach a free, 3-day virtual masterclass starting this Weds Oct. 28.

We will spend 3 days getting you unstuck and moving you towards customers clients and money.

You do have to be registered but its totally free. Just click here and be registered in 3 secs.

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VIP Status includes 3 BONUS sessions, prayers over your biz and 3 days of my Money Makin' Worksheets delivered right to your inbox, to have forever.

So, go get registered and I'll see ya inside the Facebook community.

xx, Whitney

PS. If you're ready to take the bull by the horns and DO THE DANG THING, then let's chat about working together one-on-one. Privately. I had some spots open up last week for 1:1 clients, and I really want you to have one.

You can go here and schedule a clarity session on my calendar. Whether we end up working together or not, you'll walk away with more clarity about where you're stuck in your business.


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