No Client Can Make or Break Your Business

There is no customer or client that can make or break your business.

But…. our brain are jerks, and it likes to tell us that we have no control over the success of our business.
We think that every “no” is evidence our business isn’t working, and that every client or customer who quits is proof that it’s all going downhill.
Here is how you know if you are falling prey to this way of thinking….
• When a client/customer quits, you panic.
• When a client/customer quits, you instantly start thinking about YOUR business and the MONEY you just lost.
• When a client ghosts you on a consultation, you think “Ugh… I’m never gonna grow my business.”
• When a client or customer drops out, you assume it’s because you aren’t worthy or capable.
• Instead of thinking about what your client is thinking, all you can think about is you and your business and its impending doom.
• A client or customer quitting completely changes your mood and you lose motivation to show up in your biz.
• You feel very attached to whether or not someone buys from you. Because, you need the money.
Sis, listen to me. There is no client or customer on this earth that can make or break your business.
And thinking these thoughts is literally not serving you OR the people you want to serve.
Because when you believe that someone’s “no” makes or breaks your business, you’ll always feel out of control of your own success.
And when you don’t feel in control of your own success, you’ll stop showing up in your business. Because, if its not in your control, why bother, right?
Try on these thoughts instead:
• No one customer or client makes or breaks my business.
• When someone says no, they are lovingly letting me know that they are not my person.
• I only want to work with MY people.
• My success is in my hands, no one else’s.
• Every no is closer to a yes.
Stop letting your lizard brain run the show.
It's always going to offer you up thoughts that it thinks will protect you.
So of course it’s going to tell you that everything is going downhill. It thinks it is protecting you and bracing you for impact when you hit the bottom.
It doesn’t make it true. And when you sit around thinking that a “no” means your business will never work, you speak death over your business.
When the thought comes up, just try on one of the new thoughts I offered you, and ask yourself all the reasons why the new thought is TRUE.
That’s the magic.
xx, Whitney

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